FTTH Hardened Connectivity Solution

An agile platform for all your network applications—today and in the future

You told us that, to realize your goals and keep pace with the rapidly changing network environment, solutions must deliver the agility to quickly evolve, while providing the flexibility to work seamlessly with any field application and deliver reliability both today and decades from now.

Introducing the new NOVUX hardened terminals

Agile, flexible, future-proof. Sounds like a tall order. That’s where CommScope’s new NOVUX hardened terminals come in. The state-of-the-art design and innovative technology of our new terminals will help our provider partners ready their networks for the changes to come.

The NOVUX hardened terminals advantage: agility and flexibility

  • Widest variety of technologies available from a single platform
    • Single and multi-fiber, splitters, optical tap, fiber indexing, and on-demand hybrid configurations
  • Application flexibility for new builds and upgrades
    • Extended choice of cable types and sizes; stubless configurations
    • Minimized footprint for optimal port count and terminal size
    • Black and gray colors for ease of concealment
  • Ready for the field workforce of the future
    • Unique network identification with ID plate and QR code
    • Digital access to all product information powered by CommScope cTrak® app
  • Agile global supply chain backed by common platform design and processes
    • Multiple global locations with local manufacturing advantage

The ultimate flexibility for plug-and-play FTTH solutions


Widest variety of technologies available from a single platform
NOVUX single-fiber terminals

Ideal for single family unit communities

Up to 12 ports

Point-to-point (P2P) or splitter configurations

NOVUX multi-fiber terminals

Ideal for multi-fiber applications

Up to 12 ports

2 to 12 fibers per port

NOVUX optical tap terminals

Reduce deployment costs in rural or low-density applications

Plug-and-play 2, 4, 8 drops

NOVUX fiber indexing terminals

Leverage innovative fiber indexing for new builds

12 and 24 fibers

Learn more about fiber indexing  

Ready for the field installer workforce of the future

NOVUX hardened terminals come with an ID plate with a QR code, which allows field installers to access CommScope’s cTrak® app. With one click, cTrak® provides a wealth of product information, specifications, installation instructions and videos, schematics, and test results.

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NOVUX—built for you

You work hard to provide your customers with the best network connectivity. Why should your terminals look the same as those of other providers? NOVUX hardened terminals offer an optional customer-configurable ID plate, for ease of network record keeping, and clarity for multiple operators sharing locations.