High Speed Migration: Brochure

Bandwidth without boundaries

Your challenge:

The future—with hyperspeed links, razor-thin latency demands and a steady stream of disruptive technologies—is here, demanding your undivided attention. So what’s your migration strategy? How do you keep your infrastructure agile, flexible, high density, easy to manage and scalable—no matter how things change?

Your strategy:

With our High Speed Migration platform, CommScope provides a smart and solid, end-to-end channel approach to infrastructure evolution. Modular fiber connectivity building blocks, infrastructure intelligence and network planning tools work together, enabling your infrastructure to adapt, evolve and scale—now and down the road.

Fiber panels
High-density (HD) and ultra high-density (UD) panels provide up to 72 duplex LC or 48 MPO ports per RU—singlemode or multimode—to enable today’s leafand- spine networks. With up to 72 LC or MPO connections per RU, our enhanced high-density (EHD) panels deliver outstanding density in tight spaces. Innovative sliding-tray (EHD) or sliding split-tray (UD/HD) design provides open access to all fibers while protecting active links during modifications. A full line of fiber modules and adapter packs supports multiple shelf platforms for more agility.