High Speed Migration Library

Information on industry challenges and insights that will help you shape the always-on networks of tomorrow.

Technical content

Quiz: Test Your Fiber IQ
What’s WBMMF/OM5, and why is it so important? Try your hand at this short quiz and see how OM5 fits into your network’s future.
Quiz: Test Your Cabling IQ
Are you up to speed on the latest standards regarding your data center’s infrastructure and cabling? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge.
Video: Types of Cabling
Which architecture is best for you? Is it point-to-point cabling or structured cabling? Untangle the terms and unlock the potential of your network.
Video: Migrate the DC to 100G
Whether you are migrating to 40G or 100G, this video will show you how to get there faster using preterminated cabling and MPO connectors.
Video: Ultra-Low Loss Infrastructure
CommScope’s ultra-low loss fiber connectivity solutions give data center managers a stable, yet flexible high-speed infrastructure that can support long-term network evolutions.
White Paper: DC cabling design fundamentals
It takes a solid grasp of the design fundamentals to ensure your infrastructure can scale and adapt to meet future challenges. At CommScope, that’s what we do best.
White Paper: Checklist for building an edge data center
To help plan a successful edge data center, CommScope has created a preliminary checklist and tips to consider for location, power, heating and cooling, design and physical infrastructure layer.
White Paper: Designing infrastructure for the cloud
Cloud-based networks manage everything. How the network is designed is important. This paper provides key points in designing and implementing cloud-based applications.

Business needs

hsm-ebook-thumb.jpg eBook: Data Center Connectivity
This eBook offers practical advice on the solutions and architectures that drive the modern data center with efficiency and flexibility.
hsm-brochure-thumb.jpg Brochure: High Speed Migration
Learn more about CommScope's High Speed Migration platform that enables your infrastructure to adapt, evolve and scale-now and down the road.
hsm-brochure-6steps-thumb.jpg Brochure: 6 Steps to Building Your Data Center of the Future
How does a data center get to the future? The experts at CommScope have boiled down the basics into six steps you can follow to design for the future of your data center.
hsm-video-hsm-thumb.jpg Video: High Speed Migration
See how CommScope’s High Speed Migration platform provides innovative infrastructure solutions that can take your data center from where you are to where you need to go.
hsm-video-lc-mpofiber-thumb.jpg Video: LC and MPO Fiber Connectors for Higher DC Transmission Speeds
This brief video shows how the right connector choice today means more performance for the data center of tomorrow.
hsm-video-ehd-thumb.jpg Video: Enhanced High-Density Fiber
CommScope’s enhanced high-density (EHD), ultra-low loss fiber solutions are a key part of our High Speed Migration platform supporting your data center’s evolution.