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Seamless DVB broadcast and IP network content security

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Features and Benefits
ARRIS TITANIUM CAS is widely deployed, proven software Conditional Access (CA) system for DVB Pay-TV networks that eliminates the need for smartcards. ARRIS has invested heavily in software security and as a result, can provide industry-leading levels of content protection. Combined with the inherent security recovery advantages of the software, ARRIS TITANIUM CAS reduces operators total cost of ownership while maintaining uncompromised levels of security.

ARRIS TITANIUM CAS optimises costs throughout the entire system, from initial capital costs, logistics, deployment time, new feature introduction, and maintenance. Software based CA reduces costs by a significant margin compared to card based CA systems. The ease with which it integrates with middleware, set-tops and back-end systems is also a significant cost-saving factor.

ARRIS TITANIUM CAS is fully DVB-compliant, meaning customers can deploy ARRIS TITANIUM CAS without jeopardising their existing investments. Both in the head-end and the set-top, ARRIS TITANIUM CAS can co-exist with or easily replace any other legacy CA system while providing increased flexibility reducing the total cost of ownership.

ARRIS TITANIUM CAS requires the ARRIS MultiTrust™ Advanced Rights Manager which provides advanced subscriber and content modelling interfaces that enable operators to greatly simplify the management of rights.

DVB Compliant: Supports DVB broadcast satellite, cable and terrestrial standards, Supports DVB Simulcrypt
IPTV network compatible: Push Entitlements, Supports multicast networks, Support MPEG-DASH and CENC on two-way networks for OTT streams
ARRIS TITANIUM CAM: For Smart TVs and devices equipped with a DVB CAM, CI+ 1.3.2 compatible

ARRIS TITANIUM is a software based CAS and as such offers unique advantages to operators and can be tailored to meet any current or future Pay-TV business models. Being a pure software CA system, ARRIS TITANIUM CAS provides the highest levels in security whilst avoiding security threats present in traditional card based systems. The downloadable Software Security Module guarantees a fast hack recovery mechanism and reduces the ROI for the hacking industry.

ARRIS is in receipt of Grant for R&D support from Invest NI for "4K and UHD content security for Advanced Rights Management". This project which is part-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Investment for Growth and Jobs Programme 2014-2020 aims to support the deployment of next generation security products, enabling operators to deliver 4K and HDR content across all types of delivery network.
  • Open, modular and flexible platform, which means operators can deliver today’s TV experiences and media services knowing they can maximise their investment in the future
  • Provides the tools to develop and evolve single or multiscreen TV services. Open standards assure development freedom and interoperability. Pre-integrated components give greater predictability over delivery and costs
  • Customisable and adaptable to meet operator specific needs allowing them to rapidly respond to changing subscriber needs and market opportunities
  • Pre-integrated components get operators to market faster, minimise integration risk and are easier to maintain and support - delivering lower total cost of ownership
  • Open standards, integration kits and SDKs enable operators to develop services themselves and integrate with their existing partners

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Conditional access system

Product Classification

Regional Availability Asia | Australia/New Zealand | EMEA | Latin America | North America
Product Type Conditional access system