High speed fiber platform

Welcome to the new normal. Rising lane speeds, fewer resources, more complex connectivity and faster migration cycles. The rules of the game are changing across every environment—hyperscale, MTDCs and enterprise facilities of all sizes. You’re expected to manage it all, seamlessly and efficiently. Now you can. Meet Propel.

Propel is the modular, ultra-low-loss, high-speed fiber platform that effortlessly adapts as your needs, designs and speeds evolve. High-density fiber panels with interchangeable components and 16-fiber MPO connectivity enable you to scale and evolve across multiple generations. QR-coded components enable optical performance verification that makes installation, troubleshooting and management faster and easier.

Backed by the global reach of an industry leader, the Propel platform delivers the performance, support and product availability you need to thrive in a frenetic, fast-paced environment.

Propel™ - the high-speed fiber platform
Hyperscale data centers

Within hyperscale data centers, lane speeds are accelerating to 400G, 800G, 1.6T and beyond and fiber counts across all layers of the network are exploding. The growth represents the new normal as global data consumption continues to grow exponentially. Those responsible for managing and maintaining hyperscale infrastructures are challenged like never before to keep their networks future-ready and as efficient as possible. The Propel™ modular, ultra-low-loss, high-speed fiber platform enables them to do just that.

Critical Needs
What Propel offers
Infrastructure that supports multiple generations of high speed migration
  • 16-fiber MPO connectivity provides a clear path from 400G to 800G, 1.6T and beyond
  • The most-efficient support for highest SERDES lane speeds
Consistent product quality, global availability
  • Global manufacturing and distribution footprint
  • Product quality exceeds industry standards
  • All components and assemblies available when and where you need them. 150+ countries and counting
High-density fiber support
  • Panels accommodate 72 duplex LC, 72 MPO or 144 SN connectors per RU
  • Front and rear access simplifies manageability
Ultra-low-loss (ULL) optical performance
  • Precision connector polishing and state-of-the-art fiber alignment for consistent, ULL optical performance
  • Connection flexibility and/or extended distance for applications
  • Guaranteed optical performance with Application Assurance, QR-enabled verification
White glove technical support
  • Customer-specific support team provides Propel expertise, on-call and on-site
More flexible design and deployment options
  • Complete portfolio of LC/MPO/SN connectivity: ruggedized fanouts, jumpers, arrays
  • MPO16/8/12/24 provides more breakout options



Meet Propel

The requirements for your data center’s infrastructure keep growing. Faster lane speeds, designs that are more fiber-dense and complex, greater agility and scalability. As demands grow, you can’t afford an infrastructure that holds you back. See how Propel keeps you moving forward.

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Putting Propel to the test

See the test environment where we put Propel through its paces to ensure errorless 400G transmission.

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What’s WebTrak®?

All the specs, guides and docs for your Propel components at your fingertips.

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Propel in 60 seconds

Check out this 60-second video and see how Propel makes solving your toughest infrastructure challenges easier and faster.

What makes Propel different?

Ultra-low-loss optical performance

Precision connector polishing, state-of-the-art fiber alignment, and process consistency drive consistently high product quality and cleanliness.

  • 802.3bs standardizes PAM4—doubling lane rates from 25G to 50G and the number of lanes from four to eight.
  • 802.3ck (draft) pushes electrical and optical signals to 100G to enable 800G modules.
  • 802.3cu introduced 100G and 400G modules (now based on 100G lanes) and added DR, FR, LR, ER options.
  • 802.3db (draft) adds MMF implementations to increase lane rates to 100G with eight lanes, setting the stage for 400G and 800G over 100 meters of OM4.
16-fiber cabling and connectivity

Enables seamless migration to 400G/800G/1.6T deployments while fully supporting 8-, 4- and 2-fiber applications.

Higher data transfer speeds

Supports migrations to 50G, 100G, 200G SERDES lanes and beyond for faster applications and greater network capacity.

Guaranteed optical performance

CommScope Application Assurance verifies applications will work on our platform and backs them with a full parts, labor, and application warranty.

Component modularity

Supports duplex, quad and eight-lane deployments for scaling that’s aligned with emerging high-speed network applications.

Faster, more efficient deployment

Preterminated cabling reduces install time and time to revenue while minimizing installer errors.

Why CommScope?

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Quality of fiber portfolio

Not just best in class—CommScope’s broad and deep portfolio and decades of leadership put our scalable fiber and connectivity solutions in a class of their own.

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Fast, consistent global availability

We scaled up so you can scale up. CommScope designs, builds, tests and ships our fiber solutions to customers on six continents, so your data center can evolve fast.

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Superior optical performance

CommScope’s portfolio of advanced, high-performance fiber and connectivity solutions give your network the speed and bandwidth it needs right now—with room to grow.