CommScope Cable Tech Guide

CommScope Cable Tech Guide

Available for: iPhone®, iPad®,  and Android OS version 4.2 and up


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The Cable Technician Pocket Guide is an essential resource for cable technicians and installation engineers. Building on the success of the printed pocket guide, this app provides even more information and functionality direct from your Android or iOS phone device.

The pocket guide features information on:

  • Safety
  • RF Data
  • RF Calculations
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • International TV Formats
  • Cables, Taps, Plug-ins and Passives
  • Fiber Data
  • Packet transport (MPEG/IP)
  • Symbols and Acronyms
  • Data Transmission

...and more. Regularly performed calculations are made even easier with a series of in-built calculators covering:

  • Channel Frequency / Cable Loss
  • Non-Bandedge Carrier Level
  • CNR Calculator
  • CTB Calculator
  • CSO Calculator
  • Ohm's Law / Joules Law Calculator
  • dBm - mW Conversion
  • dBmV - dBuV conversion

Additional functionality allows you to favorite content for easy access, make inline notes and keep up to date with the latest news from CommScope and SCTE/ISBE.