ExcelRedstone deploys imVision® Automated Infrastructure Management solution for workplace management

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ExcelRedstone has been utilizing the imVision Automated Infrastructure Management solution from CommScope for over 14 years. Paul Greenberg, Business Manager describes how ExcelRedstone has integrated imVision into their workplace technology management platform to provide managed services for their clients based on real-time analytics.

Fast Facts
  • PartnerPRO® SYSTIMAX®, RUCKUS® and IBW Solution Provider.
  • PartnerPRO imVision Solution Specialist.
  • 30+ years of designing, building, optimizing and supporting workplaces in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
  • Comprehensive portfolio with capability across all elements of the data centre, office and campus.
  • imVision has enabled off-site monitoring of clients’ physical layer in real time.
  • ExcelRedstone’s Managed Services team uses imVision to manage the BAU systems removing the need to carry out labor intensive audits reconciling information at the click of a button across a campus wide estate. This is a huge cost benefit to ExcelRedstone and the organizations they are managing the estates for.
  • In addition, integration of imVision into ExcelRedstone workplace technology management platform has enabled real-time monitoring of office space.
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