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February 2020 | Product and solution news from CommScope


Enterprise Networks


NETCONNECT® CS41 Category 6A Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Copper Cable

Region: Europe, Middle East, and Africa
CommScope’s new CS41 Category 6A UTP copper cable is now available in the EMEA region, further enhancing the already robust NETCONNECT portfolio of structured cabling solutions. This fully compliant Category 6A cable offers outstanding functionality while utilizing an efficient design which provides a price competitive cable for the 6A UTP NETCONNECT space.

CS41 is a 24 AWG design which fully complies with the recommendations set forth by IEEE 802.3bt (Type 4) for the safe delivery of power over LAN cable (PoE). CPR ratings of Dca and Cca are available. Furthermore, the cable features a barrier tape which enables an outer diameter (OD) of 6.9 mm (.272 inch) and allows higher density installations. Z3 Material IDs available for order today; ZC Material IDs available for order March 16, 2020.

Product References:
CS41Z3 WHT C6A 4/24 U/UTP RL 500M
CS41Z3 BLU C6A 4/24 U/UTP RL 500M
CS41Z3 GRY C6A 4/24 U/UTP RL 500M
CS41ZC WHT C6A 4/24 U/UTP RL 500M
CS41ZC BLU C6A 4/24 U/UTP RL 500M

Wireline Networks


New OFDC-C12 Series Closure with Rural Taps

Region: Global
The new OFDC-C12 series is now available with Rural Taps with SC/APC connectors for drop terminations and up to 72 fusion splices. The integrated taps have color coded pigtails that are factory loaded into the patch panel. Labels on the cover identify the tap dB value and number of drops. This series features easily accessible In-put and Thru-put fibers for splicing and CommScope’s advanced gel sealing technology which ensures fast and easy handling of the closures without the need for special tools. This OFDC series comes with IP-68 and 2M waterhead rating.

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OFDC-C12 Installation Video