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June 2020 | Product and solution news from CommScope


Enterprise Networks


Paperless instruction sheets for CommScope copper panels

Region: Global
In continuing our commitment to reducing our global waste footprint, CommScope is removing all paper instruction sheets from copper panel packaging. QR codes have been added to each packaging label, allowing installers to access the instruction sheets online with a smart device. Customers will start seeing this change in June of 2020. Key Points• QR codes are part of CommScope’s eco packaging initiative • Panel portfolio’s impacted: NETCONNECT®, Uniprise®, SYSTIMAX® and CommScope

Product References:
All Copper Panels

Expanded Ceiling Connector Assembly Portfolio

Region: Global
CommScope is expanding its ceiling connector assemblies portfolio; now offering configurable patch cord lengths. The ceiling connector assembly provides high-quality, consistent terminations and is standards compliant. The ceiling connector assembly is perfect for connecting access points and security cameras in restricted spaces as well as making connections above a ceiling tile.

Product References:
Specialty Twisted Patch Cords - Ceiling Connector Assemblies

Wireline Networks


High Density 288f 4RU Rapid Panel

Region: U.S. and CanadaCentral and Latin America
The new 4RU Rapid Panel now has double the density up to 288f LC. The higher density is achieved by using a 3mm 24f singlemode cable with no changes to the chassis or trays. It will maintain all current standards and test specifications. This new 288f 4U Rapid Panel is available in 4RU with LC/UPC or LC/APC connectors on the bulkhead along with either 12f MPO, single fiber breakouts, stub or CMODs on the far end. It can store 75 feet of cable per tray inside the panel and additional lengths are available in 75 foot increments. The 288f 4U Rapid Panel is the only one to use the 3mm 24f cable. All other sizes and densities will continue to use the current microcable.

Product References:
RCP-4KBPUK02325B - LC/UPC to LC/UPC breakouts
RCP-4KBPUE02300 -LC/UPC to MPO breakouts

Additional Product References:
Brochure: Rapid Fiber Panel Series