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Adding Value During a Crisis: RUCKUS Cloud

  • Region: NAR,EMEA,CALA
  • Category: Products
  • Language: English
  • Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Join CommScope’s Phal Nanda, Vice President of RUCKUS Cloud Services, to find out how the new RUCKUS Cloud is able to help IT deliver, operate and troubleshoot an expanding network during times of crisis like we have today. Learn how to reach out to help your customers and prospects, without the stigma of selling during a crisis. Offer to help your customers through this unique time with CommScope’s simple, reliable, and adaptable RUCKUS cloud solutions.

This webinar will cover:

  • Deploy Wi-Fi into remote users homes in minutes
  • Pro-active troubleshooting remotely, with ML/AI that can detect and prioritize complex issues without sending a technician out.
  • Identify and build your own insights with the powerful Data Explorer tool.
  • Get ready for the surge – when the workers get back to office

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