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How Antenna Choice Will Make or Break Your 5G Strategy

  • Region: MEA
  • Category: Outdoor Cell Sites
  • Language: English
  • 61 minutes

With the trend to extreme cellular capacities, new generations of advanced antennas have evolved, adding new possibilities and claiming crucial roles in building efficient 5G networks.

This webinar looks at the key network infrastructure decisions that mobile operators will need to make as they place their 5G plans, with a particular focus on the latest antenna technology and the benefits of beamforming.

It looks at:

  • How spectrum, land topography and traffic affect your 5G RAN designs.
  • The rise of beamforming antennas: why, which, when and where?
    Under the hood: building a Massive MIMO beamforming antenna.
  • Innovative CommScope 5G beamformers designs.

Webinar Presenter

Dr. Mohamed Nadder Hamdy CommScope Director Mobility Network Engineering
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