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CommScope Powered Fiber Cable System Technical Workshop

  • Region: Europe
  • Category: Fiber Optic Solutions
  • Language: Russian
  • 36 minutes

CommScope presents a series of technical workshops devoted to various problems of designing and implementing structured cabling systems. The seminars will be useful both to specialists responsible for the creation and operation of the infrastructure of the data transmission of the enterprise or the data center, and to the staff of the companies - system integrators involved in the design and installation of infrastructure.

If you need to provide both service and power for remote access, then the Powered Fiber Cable System is exactly what you need. A simple solution allows you to increase the distance for the PoE protocol to 3 kilometers, depending on the power of the equipment used.

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Одновременное подведение сигнала и электропитания к удаленным сетевым устройствам

Сотрудник Московского представительства компании CommScope Сергей Кулаков рассказывает о решении, обеспечивающем одновременно электропитание и передачу данных для удаленных сетевых устройств.

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