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RUCKUS Unleashed solution for SMB. Key differential a buit-in Wi-Fi controller.

  • Region: CALA
  • Category: Enterprise Networks
  • Language: Portuguese
  • Wednesday, May 20, 2020
  • 11:00 Brasilia Time

RUCKUS Unleashed is COMMSCOPE's controller-less solution with high performance, simple to configure, easy to manage and low cost. It allows you to manage your entire network (up to 128 APs and 8 switches) through a computer via a web browser or through an app for SmartPhone. It's the perfect choice for smaller organizations that need to provide high-performance corporate Wi-Fi to employees, customers and guests without spending too much.


Note: This webinar is only available in Portgueuse.

Webinar Presenter

Sonia Sato CommScope Sr. Systems Engineer – Brazil

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