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Steps to Understanding and Navigating Public Funding – A CommScope Webinar hosted by Grants Office

  • Region: NAR
  • Category: Enterprise, Primary Education
  • Language: English
  • 1 hour


  • During CommScope Ruckus virtual webinar discover how to find and use government money for IT networks and infrastructure that supports remote work for state and local government agencies and hybrid and remote learning at higher education institutions.
  • This vast amount of funding is an unprecedented response to an historic public health crisis and its economic fallout. To help our customers and partners take advantage of grant funds aimed at schools, healthcare and other agencies and organizations, CommScope’s RUCKUS team is stepping up to provide guidance to our public partners as they seek these vital funds to build networks of the future.
  • During this one – hour event on March 4, we’ll answer questions about existing stimulus funding available through CARES and subsequent aid packages, update you on planned stimulus legislation and connect you to professional resources available through the Ruckus Grants Support Program.

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