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Understanding CommScope Powered Fiber Optics Solution

  • Region: CALA
  • Category: Enterprise Networks
  • Language: Portuguese
  • 48 minutes

Safely deliver power and communication to devices beyond 100 meters

The need for connectivity and mobility has led to the development of innovative solutions. With the Internet of Things (IoT) reaching every corner of everyday life, companies still have many challenges ahead. Wi-Fi and security networks are some examples of applications that need to be improved to expand their coverage and create efficient connections to Power Over Ethernet (PoE) devices. For this reason Commscope developed the Powered Fiber Cable System (PFCS) solution to simplify installation and improve the performance of these devices.

Note: This webinar is only available in Portuguese.

Webinar presenters

Luís Domingues Sr. Systems Engineer CommScope

Lucio Fernando Marques Account Manager, Enterprise Sales CommScope

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