5G mobile networks

Build 5G faster and smarter

Wireless operators are being challenged as never before to add capacity and boost network performance to stay ahead of the competition on the fast-moving 5G deployment path. As a global leader in wireless network infrastructure solutions, CommScope knows there’s no single approach to 5G and no one-size-fits-all 5G solution.

That’s why you’ll find our 5G and LTE wireless network solutions deployed inside large buildings, across vast landscapes, in densely populated urban areas and in crowded stadiums, campuses and public spaces—wherever people need to connect. We’re trusted by service providers large and small to power the present and to fast-forward them to 5G.

Explore 5G network solutions

Macro cell sites

With CommScope’s flexible, comprehensive range of macro cell solutions, updating and deploying new sites for capacity expansion and 5G is faster and more economical. 

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Small cell densification

Network densification using CommScope outdoor small cell solutions is the smart, fast, cost-effective way to expand capacity and deliver 5G.

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In-building cellular connectivity

CommScope delivers the always-on, anywhere network coverage that subscribers demand, with in-building wireless cellular solutions that are intelligent and easy to manage.

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Spectrum management

CommScope delivers breakthrough spectrum management solutions that give your wireless network a capacity advantage it needs.

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Fixed Wireless Access

Deliver competitive mass-market broadband services over LTE, CBRS and 5G networks, enabled by consumer self-installed home gateways and RAN solutions.

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