Mosaic™ antenna platform: The smartest way to 5G

Rewrite the rules of 5G deployments with CommScope’s new Mosaic™ base station antenna solution.

While 5G deployments are a top priority for network operators all over the world, those deployments can’t come at the expense of existing 4G networks, which will continue to be an important, profitable technology for years to come. Overlaying 5G means adding antennas to existing sites—and that can pose challenges in tower weight, wind load and appearance.

The art of combining passive and active

The Mosaic platform offers the best of both by integrating active and passive antennas—built to your network specifications—to power new 5G rollouts and fully support legacy networks at the same time, and in the same footprint as current-generation 4G-only passive antennas.

Radio-agnostic, truly modular and upgradable to mMIMO, Mosaic antennas provide network operators with a complete, compact and highly customizable solution that powers faster, simpler, more economical 5G rollouts.

Why Mosaic?

Simplification iconSimplification

Upgrade to combined 4G/5G support quickly—and in the same footprint.

Network planning flexibility iconNetwork planning flexibility

Support your specific passive configurations while accommodating active radio solutions—even Open RAN.

Reduced TCO icon Reduced TCO

From installation to operation to upgrade, the streamlined, modular design saves time and money.

Build 5G networks faster and smarter

You’ll find CommScope 5G and LTE wireless network solutions deployed in crowded stadiums, campuses and public spaces—wherever people need to connect. We’re trusted by service providers large and small to power the present and to fast-forward them to 5G.

Navigate the outdoor wireless network landscape—see what’s possible

The CommScope Outdoor Wireless Network interactive tool provides a big-picture view of today’s outdoor wireless network landscape. This tool addresses the critical areas of the macro cell, small cell deployments, and connectivity with the innovative, future-ready solutions you expect from a global leader.

Launch Environment

Explore 5G network solutions


Macro cell sites

With CommScope’s flexible, comprehensive range of macro cell solutions, updating and deploying new sites for capacity expansion and 5G is faster and more economical. 

Build out 5G smarter and faster

Small cell densification

Network densification using CommScope outdoor small cell solutions is the smart, fast, cost-effective way to expand capacity and deliver 5G.

Smart densification for your network

Powering outdoor wireless networks

PowerShift. Two innovative end-to-end intelligent product families for powering today’s and tomorrow’s macro and small cell networks.

Power your outdoor network

Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS)

CBRS is driving a new wave of wireless applications in the U.S. CommScope helps enterprises, service providers and others unlock CBRS’ potential.

A new wave of wireless innovation

Spectrum management

CommScope delivers breakthrough spectrum management solutions that give your wireless network a capacity advantage it needs.

Manage spectrum and boost network capacity

Fixed Wireless Access

Deliver competitive mass-market broadband services over LTE, CBRS and 5G networks, enabled by consumer self-installed home gateways and RAN solutions.

Broadband services over LTE, CBRS and 5G networks

In-building cellular connectivity

CommScope delivers the always-on, anywhere network coverage that subscribers demand, with in-building wireless cellular solutions that are intelligent and easy to manage.

Building the 5G connected workplace


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