Defining 10G broadband

How will 10G broadband support new applications with converged future-ready networks?

Nobody knows which developments will soon be enhancing our lives and work, but they will certainly need ultra-fast internet and mobile connectivity. A new wave of applications will require significantly higher symmetrical speeds, lower latency, and enhanced reliability and security. What’s more, capacity needs to be easily and rapidly scalable.

So what is 10G, which has been described as “the next great leap for broadband”? In short: existing technologies are leveraged to deliver future-ready speeds. Other benefits include uncompromised reliability, safety and security, and ultra-low latency—enabling immediate interaction.

Convergence is vital to 10G. To enable symmetrical connectivity up to 10 times faster than today’s, wireless and wired networks are merging. This has major consequences for design and operation and affects different parts of the network. Access networks need more fiber, for example, and the passive optical network can include new functionalities.

CommScope offers decades of know-how in designing and building networks. The addition of ARRIS means we also offer a dedicated 10G portfolio and expertise. Contact one of our specialists today to find out how 10G solutions can help make your network future-ready.