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Rural (America) Solutions

At CommScope, we believe that connectivity knows no boundaries. In the heart of every small town and across the sprawling landscapes of rural America, we envision a future where seamless broadband access empowers communities, businesses, and individuals. With decades of expertise and a commitment to innovation, CommScope is proud to be at the forefront of bridging the digital divide and bringing the power of high-speed internet to every corner of the country.

What we offer is more than just a broadband solution; it's a promise of a brighter future. Leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, we offer tailor-made solutions that cater to the unique needs of rural areas. Your goal is to deploy fiber-optic solutions that deliver lightning-fast speeds, CommScope is here to make it a reality.

Network Planning Tools
Budget estimation and development

With billions in federal and state funding for broadband projects now available, it is time for service providers to accelerate their FTTH deployments. CommScope’s BEAP helps service providers maximize and accelerate government funding while streamlining their FTTH network projects throughout their lifecycle.

Grant funding applications

CommScope can provide the expertise and resources to help you choose the right government funding programs and navigate the application process. You’ll get a detailed report showing you how to start new projects and expand existing ones by leveraging stimulus funding.

Network planning, design, and optimization

Our team offers deep FTTH experience and robust planning tools that help guide sound architectural decisions that are right for your unique application environment. From actives and passives to the inside and outside plant, our team can help you save time, quickly recognize revenue, optimize ROI, reduce expenses, and develop a seamless execution plan.


Well-trained personnel ensure that your network is deployed efficiently and runs reliably. CommScope offers product, installation, operation, and network design training with experienced field application experts who know FTTH inside and out. Leveraging best-in-class practices based on decades of experience, we can customize training modules that are optimized for your unique needs and evolve with your business.

Why CommScope?

Deploy fiber faster icon

Deploy fiber faster

CommScope offers an end-to-end FTTH portfolio that’s designed to accelerate fiber deployment and speed time to market.

Improve staff productivity icon

Improve staff productivity

Our FTTH solutions are designed to make things easier for the technicians who deploy fiber, provision services, and maintain networks.

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Maximize TCO

We help service providers solve the unique economic challenges that are common in rural and remote broadband markets.

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Improve Sustainability

Our industry-recognized corporate responsibility and sustainability combined with a full product lifecycle approach enables a sustainable broadband future.

Discover the NOVUX ecosystem—the future of FTTX

Explore how you can accelerate fiber rollouts and respond quickly in a rapidly changing and competitive network environment with the NOVUX ecosystem. It performs today—and is ready to respond to the future.

How do fiber deployments support sustainability goals?

See how CommScope is leading the way in helping customers build a more sustainable broadband future.


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