Navigating Broadband Grant Funding

Seize the government funding opportunity

Billions in Federal funding is now available to help service providers offset the costs of their broadband infrastructure projects. The process of finding grants, completing applications, creating budgets,  securing secondary funding, and complying with procurement requirements can be difficult to navigate. CommScope has made it a priority to give service providers access to the tools, resources, and expertise to help you navigate the grant funding process from start to finish.

CommScope now offers the Broadband for Everyone Accelerate Program, which combines programs and partnerships that speed and streamline grant funding. With expert help from CommScope, Grants Office, LLC, and a network of partners, service providers can rest assured their government-funded projects flow smoothly from start to finish. To help operators be compliant with Build America Buy America, CommScope offers an end-to-end portfolio of BABA-compliant solutions and is planning to expand its U.S. manufacturing capacity.


What’s next?

Broadband for Everyone Accelerate Program

Federal and state funding can help accelerate your FTTH projects, but the process can be confusing. The Broadband for Everyone Accelerate Program provides expert help throughout the lifecycle of federal- and state-funded FTTH projects. For service providers, that means government-funded projects flow smoothly from start to finish. Learn more


Delivering on the promise of broadband for everyone means connecting people wherever they are. From airports and train stations to smart cities and smarter classrooms, municipal broadband initiatives play an important role in extending high-quality connectivity to previously underserved locations. CommScope is here to help municipalities get their broadband projects off the ground and ensure their networks are optimized for both quality and cost.


Utilities and co-ops have a key asset that can help make broadband for everyone a reality: existing infrastructure, facilities, and rights of way needed to build out fiber networks. They also have the direct customer touch it takes to bring broadband directly to the subscriber doorstep. CommScope helps utilities add broadband to their service portfolios and keep their customers connected to what’s next.


Alternative network providers are infusing the broadband services market with new levels of innovation as they race to connect underserved consumers and markets. The key to their success lies in the ability to reduce the inherent risks that come with new fiber network investments, while winning the hearts and minds of their subscribers with compelling, high-quality services. CommScope has a proven portfolio of actives, passives, and expertise to help AltNets deploy fiber quickly while minimizing risk—connecting and retaining customers. Learn more.