Fiber Cabling Solutions

Introduce your building to a fiber-optic future

Until recently, 1 Gbps cabling in enterprise buildings was considered sufficient. Today, the exponential growth of wireless technologies and Internet of Things (IoT) are pushing for the adoption of faster speeds. As you look to the future of your properties, it's time to think fiber.

Fiber-optic cabling delivers the most bandwidth, highest speeds (over 1 Tbps) and lowest latencies—with minimum signal loss over long distances. It’s also more flexible than other cables of the same dimension, with a higher tensile strength—making it ideal for your building’s backbone infrastructure.

Plus, it facilitates the analog-to-digital evolution by providing a clear migration path, making future expansions quick and uncomplicated.

CommScope offers a comprehensive portfolio of fiber connectivity solutions, including those of our SYSTIMAX® structured cabling, featuring singlemode, multimode and OM5 wideband multimode fiber. Our cabling is certified to meet or exceed industry standards. Each cable is printed with a unique WebTrak® serial number that can be used online to view and download performance results.

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