High-density fiber connectivity for multi tenant data centers

The efficient way to migrate to higher speeds

Keeping up with streaming video, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) means enterprise data centers depend on fiber infrastructures—because that’s how they can migrate seamlessly to higher speeds without disruption. This capability is especially important in a colocation cage, where space is at a premium.

Our comprehensive portfolio of SYSTIMAX® structured cable fiber solutions offers the performance, reliability and agility data centers need right now—and will need even more in the near future. By working closely with standards bodies and transceiver vendors, our high-density fiber infrastructure solutions support speeds up to 400G with a simple upgrade path.

Modular SYSTIMAX fiber solutions are flexible, quick to deploy and cost-effective. So, whether you own an MTDC or are responsible for your own infrastructure as an MTDC tenant, you can count on CommScope to provide fiber solutions that offer easy operation, expansion and management.

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