High Speed Migration for Cloud Providers

Bandwidth without boundaries

For cloud providers, backbone speeds of 100 GbE and 400 GbE are just table stakes. Success depends on elasticity—being able to scale up, down and out quickly and efficiently—and the ability to grow and manage density at the rack, server and port. It requires a fresh approach to infrastructure design and an experienced partner with the strength and resources to make it happen.

CommScope’s High Speed Migration platform is an end-to-end channel strategy that uses modular, low-loss components to keep your cloud infrastructure fast, flexible and efficient:

  • Interchangeable 8-, 12- and 24-fiber MPO modules enable you to support any application without touching your fiber trunks
  • Ultra low-loss singlemode and multimode fiber maximize the loss budget—and lifecycle—of your existing infrastructure
  • OM5 wideband multimode fiber enables duplex transmission of 100G and higher over extended distances

With 40+ years as a leading provider of infrastructure solutions, CommScope has the global presence and capacity to support your hyperscale, next-generation cloud network. Together we are making the future possible.

If you need assistance configuring a High Speed Migration system contact our technical assistance center.

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