High Speed Migration for Service Providers

A vision for the future—the expertise to take you there

Data traffic is evolving—circuit based to packet based—and the volume is exploding. Whether you manage a pure data center, a highly-virtualized converged central office or a mobile switching office, the challenge is the same. How can you ensure your infrastructure supports faster speeds, greater bandwidth, repeated scaling and a shorter network lifecycle? Select a partner who’s already done it. CommScope.

Our High Speed Migration platform supports the increased speeds and lower latencies today’s service provider networks demand. Built on modular, ultra low-loss connectivity, it features a complete portfolio of SYSTIMAX® fiber panels and structured cabling solutions.

  • Ultra low-loss singlemode fiber connectivity optimizes the loss budget in data centers and simplifies backhaul cross connections in central offices
  • Ultra low-loss multimode fiber lets you support higher speeds, extend the life of your existing infrastructure and enable the use of lower-cost VCSEL optics
  • Interchangeable 8-, 12- and 24-fiber MPO modules enable the optimal fiber configuration for any application
  • Performance assurance network design tools provide confidence that the links you design today will support the applications you’ll need tomorrow

As static hardware-based systems transition to virtualized SDN/NFV environments and centralized-RAN hubs transition to cloud-RAN hubs, CommScope provides the steadfast experience to guide you—from where you are to where you need to go. Let’s shape your future together.

For more information on configuring a High Speed Migration solution, contact our technical assistance center.

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