Large venues

Personalizing the visitor experience—100,000 people at a time

Whether it’s supporting tens of thousands of live-streaming sports fans or keeping a steady flow of travelers connected and on time, the communication challenges are as big as the venue. Coverage and capacity on this scale involves deep expertise and a range of solutions—5G, Wi-Fi 6, private LTE and more.

CommScope’s Professional Services has the specialized expertise and tools needed for the design and deployment of wireless services in high-density environments.  Our experience helps deliver projects on time that meet the demanding performance requirements of these sites

From smart stadiums and shipping terminals to the world’s largest airports and longest tunnels, large venues rely on CommScope to connect every person and every square foot.

Challenges and opportunities


Capacity and user experience

Mobile traffic at major sporting events can double every year. As social media redefines the fan experience, the demands for bandwidth and coverage increase. How can venues meet the mobile needs of visitors and employees?

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Faster to 5G

For large venues, advanced technologies like 5G create a better user experience and a competitive advantage. So, how do you support current 3G and 4G while building 5G rapidly and cost-effectively?

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Wi-Fi 6

Wi-Fi 6 delivers faster network performance and connects more devices simultaneously. Imagine increasing the capacity of your current Wi-Fi system by 400 percent. More than possible, CommScope makes it happen inside the world’s most advanced sports arenas.

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Secure operational support

The operational needs of your venue’s mobile platform are vastly different from your visitors’ needs. Security and a congestion-free RF environment are critical. Private LTE is emerging to fulfill these critical needs.

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Network monetization

More than improving mobile service for visitors and staff, reliable high-speed wireless can generate revenue for venues and service providers.

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Project complexity

With massive project requirements and multiple stakeholders, planning and deploying a large-venue mobile platform is complex. Professional services can ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

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All-digital in-building cellular solution

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Why CommScope?

Market leader

From world-class fiber infrastructure to all-digital distributed antenna systems (DAS) and Wi-Fi—across major airports, railways, metros, bridges, tunnels and a majority of NFL stadiums and Super Bowl locations—tap into our innovation and experience in connecting the world’s largest, tallest and most difficult-to-cover venues.

End-to-end capabilities icon
End-to-end capabilities

CommScope provides an unsurpassed end-to-end solution for large venues including fiber and copper cabling and connectivity, indoor and outdoor distributed antenna systems (DAS), small cells, Wi-Fi, switching, complemented by expert project management and engineering support.

Future ready icon

When it comes to network infrastructure, our visionary perspective means your large-venue solution is built for the long haul—5G, Wi-Fi 6 and beyond. It’s our job to know what’s next.

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