Rapid Fiber Deployment for Data Centers

Simplifying fiber deployment in your data center

Whether you’re expanding your data center or updating it, deploying new fiber cabling can be tedious and time consuming. Making sure your fiber cables are cut to the right length and your connections are rock solid requires expert technicians that can also make installation expensive.

With Rapid Fiber™ panels, deployment of fiber cabling is fast and easy. Each panel features up to 100 feet of microcable on a self-contained RapidReel spool and is factory terminated to a single fiber breakout (SC or LC) or MPO—for plug-and-play simplicity. The result is high-performance fiber connectivity built into an easy-to-use, compact panel.

By having fiber trunk cabling stored on an internal spool inside the panel, you can deploy connectivity immediately, without having to field-terminate or worry about what to do with excess cabling. In addition, the Rapid Fiber product’s combination of microcable, spooling and connector technology in a single panel not only relieves cable congestion but also simplifies the ordering and inventory of fiber cabling.


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