Retail Wi-Fi solutions

Make the most of your retail Wi-Fi network

If you’re a retailer on the fast track for growth, CommScope retail Wi-Fi solutions can play a greater role in your success. We ensure customers stay happily connected when visiting your locations. We help you promote your brand and engage with customers. And we give you valuable insights about customer behavior—including how they use your Wi-Fi resources—to inform marketing and IT planning.

Manage easily and scale quickly

Get easy cloud-based management that doesn’t require expensive IT resources. If you’re expanding quickly, Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi makes it easy for you to deploy new Wi-Fi enabled locations and bring all your sites together into a single view. Troubleshoot from anywhere without driving from location to location.

Engage customers, get customer insight

Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi is designed to help you engage with and learn from your customers. In minutes, you can create secure, branded guest login portals to deliver customized marketing messages and promotions. Update these messages as often as you like.

Real-time and historical Wi-Fi analytics are also part of Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi. Find out how long and at what time of day customers are using the Wi-Fi network. How much network resources do they consume? Understand which websites are visited most often and what devices are used to access the network.

If you have a large retail venue, get analytics on footfall traffic with Ruckus Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT™). Combine SPoT with CommScope ecosystem partner solutions that give you lots of innovative ways to market to customers.

Customers expect premium Wi-Fi

All your customers expect a fast, uninterrupted Wi-Fi experience. A poor experience hurts your brand. A frustrated customer may walk out and never come back.

Which is why rock-solid Wi-Fi is critical for any retail business. Our Ruckus 802.11ac and Wi-Fi 6 access points (APs) use patented technologies to provide more coverage, more efficiently, and to continuously optimize each user’s connection experience.

A great Wi-Fi experience also includes frictionless login. Customers don’t want to be inconvenienced by password requests. Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi gives you multiple secure authentication options, including letting customers use their preferred social network credentials, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Get more from your retail Wi-Fi investment

With Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi, you can confidently put critical retail operations on your Wi-Fi network, including point-of-sale, inventory management and security systems.

Then add Ruckus Cloudpath security and policy management software to secure the physical devices, such as IP surveillance cameras and POS terminals.

Stay economical as you grow—scale without overspending on wireless APs. Serve more customers without over-provisioning APs. Ruckus APs support up to 30 more users per AP than competing brands. So you get more out of your Wi-Fi investment.

Experience cloud-managed retail Wi-Fi for free

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For qualified* trial users. If you need a Ruckus AP, a CommScope representative will contact you with further details.

If you already have a Ruckus AP follow these steps to prepare your AP to connect to Ruckus Cloud Wi-Fi.

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