Smart cities

Network infrastructure for responsive and efficient communities

Today’s smart city is an enabling platform that delivers advanced services for businesses and residents, helping to bridge the digital divide and provide a better quality of life for all. Network infrastructure is critical to realizing this potential. Defined by its high-speed, low-latency data transmission, and ubiquitous connectivity, a well-planned infrastructure transforms cities into vibrant socio-economic communities. Network operators and smart city integrators rely on CommScope for critical communications infrastructure.

Challenges and opportunities


A smart city is a connected city—small cells, public Wi-Fi, fiber to the home. Creating the connections requires all available tools: wired and wireless networks, licensed and unlicensed spectrum, and software to manage them.

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Smart buildings

Smart buildings are the building blocks of smart cities. Meanwhile, smart campuses—smart cities on a smaller scale—provide the blueprint for the interconnectivity required.

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Street smarts

The smart city is powered wherever sensors, access nodes and small cells are deployed. Connecting and powering them without negatively impacting public spaces—that’s the challenge.

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Project complexity

Smart city projects aren’t just technically complex; there are multiple stakeholders—each with their own needs and agendas. Having a partner that can deliver a broad range of products and services reduces complexity and risk.

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Why CommScope?

Breadth of solutions

CommScope gives you one partner who can cover a broad range of infrastructure needs. RF and fiber connectivity, cellular and Wi-Fi, converged network management, small cell and backhaul, along with the services and expertise to bring it all together.

Long-range vision

5G, Wi-Fi 6, IoT…it’s our job to know what’s next. With a proven track record of success, CommScope gives you confidence that the infrastructure you deploy today will be ready for the communication challenges of tomorrow.

Project management

Every smart city project involves multiple vendors, dozens of process steps, and hundreds of tasks. CommScope offers professional services to help orchestrate and simplify.

Partner ecosystem

Our alliances include application developers, distributors, installers, integrators and consultants—all of whom are dedicated to keeping our customers ready for whatever is next.