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Superior Network Performance in Any Environment

The primary mission of military and civilian federal agencies—protecting and serving citizens—depends on reliable access to information. The means to access this information is improving but is also an everchanging landscape. As the number of devices and channels to access data grow, so does the need for an efficient and effective network.

CommScope is committed to helping federal organizations update their network infrastructure in a scalable, cost-effective, and secure manner. We are the only company to offer a complete licensed and unlicensed suite of wireless products with the ethernet switching products, cable and fiber infrastructure to support agencies implementation of 5G, private LTE and Wi-Fi 6. We make life easier for IT—with a total cost of ownership (TCO) that gets IT modernization done faster.

Why CommScope?

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Better user experiences

A better user experience means a more productive organization. From outdoor Wi-Fi to indoor cellular and everything in between, CommScope wireless networks connect your always-on users everywhere and anywhere.

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Reliability and security

With 40 years of networking experience—including structured cabling, wired and wireless access—CommScope builds IT and OT networks that help you achieve stable, secure, uninterrupted connections for your people and things.

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Simplicity and efficiency

CommScope simplifies network complexity by minimizing network silos, consolidating wired and wireless infrastructure, automating network monitoring, and providing a single source for managing your entire physical layer.

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Market leader

Independent industry researchers consistently rank CommScope as a global market share leader for in-building wireless. From DAS to small cells, we’ve got you covered.

Looking for a rugged or Mil-Spec switch?

CommScope has partnered with Crystal Group to deliver rugged versions of our RUCKUS ICX switches. See the list of available Rugged ICX from Crystal Group.

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Additional resources

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    Research White Paper: Is Your Agency Ready for 5G

    To find out how federal agencies can harness the power and promise of 5G, CommScope commissioned market research firm Market Connections to conduct a study exploring the level of 5G awareness and preparedness within federal agencies.
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    CBRS Top 5 Things You Should Know

    For years, Wi-Fi was the more viable option, able to be set up and configured in a matter of hours unlike private LTE networks that could take weeks to months to set up. That’s now changed with the introduction of CBRS. By unlocking the 3.5 GHz band, FCC has made it possible for government agencies to deploy their own private wireless networks in mere hours, providing ‘campus connectivity’ to an increasingly mobile workforce.
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    Secure Network Infrastructure Solutions for Federal

    CommScope's comprehensive critical infrastructure solutions are geared towards the installation of secure networks supporting wired and wireless applications, from the fiber ring around a campus to the desktop.
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    CommScope ERA Federal Overview

    CommScope’s all-digital ERA® distributed antenna system makes in-building cellular simple, scalable and more economical for federal agencies.
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    Solution Brief: Building a Secure Federal Network

    CommScope provides an end-to-end secure network solution that meets stringent federal certification requirements and enables mission success.
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    RUCKUS Wi-Fi Federal Overview

    Federally certified Wi-Fi solutions are limited within the federal market. CommScope offers Wi-Fi solutions to connect in any environment.