The Universal Connectivity Grid (UCG)

A smarter approach to updating your building's infrastructure

Today's tenants are tech-savvy and digitally demanding. As the modern workplace continually evolves to accommodate changing workforce behaviors and usage patterns, enterprise buildings often struggle to provide easy access to wired and wireless technologies. With tenants expecting flexibility in the layout of offices, collaboration spaces and other common areas, enterprises are left with the cumbersome job of retrofitting old wiring—on demand.

The UCG can help you streamline workstation moves, adds, changes and upgrades. You'll need less materials and labor, which reduces installation OpEx. Plus, you'll improve the management of your facility infrastructure while minimizing installation disruptions.

By adopting the UCG, your building is prepared to tackle your current connectivity needs while still being ready for the challenges of the future.

The connected and efficient building is built to support dynamic work environments and unlock the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The universal connectivity grid (UCG) divides floor space into evenly sized areas—called “cells.” By deploying consolidation points (CP) in the ceiling of each cell, buildings can provide easy connections to the core network. Now, simply running a Category 6A cable is all you need to modify:

  • Wired LAN
  • Wireless technologies
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Audio/visual services
  • Building automation
  • Access control 

Scroll over the illustration below to learn more about applications that are common in a connected building and products that can be installed to provide connectivity needs for today and for the future.

CommScope and the universal connectivity grid – powering the present, empowering the future.


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