All-IP video

Consumers want to know that their entertainment content is available on any device—any place, at any time 

For many service providers, this means delivering video over an all-IP network.

Drive IP end-to-end

To help service providers lead the way in IP video, CommScope offers a complete portfolio of technology solutions that can be deployed when and where they’ll benefit most. Whether you are just beginning the evolution or enhancing your IP video ecosystem with advanced content features and advertising capabilities, we can help ensure that your network is well designed and ready to scale with your customers. Our solutions include:

  • Encoding platforms to optimize video for the highest quality under virtually any network condition
  • Content preparation tools that enable advanced VoD capabilities and nDVR features
  • ICX Ethernet switches for high-performance IP switching
  • IP network infrastructure solutions for gigabit speeds over fiber, copper or HFC
  • Bandwidth management capabilities so content travels over the IP network using the minimum amount of bandwidth
  • Home networking infrastructure that streams content to every corner of the home—wired or wirelessly
  • Hybrid set-tops that support both broadcast and IP video delivery
  • Enhanced interfaces that deliver a consistent video delivery experience across devices
  • Virtualized CPE solutions to extend the service life of older devices by supporting new services/capabilities from the cloud
  • Dynamic ad insertion capabilities to enable personalized multiscreen advertising
Enabling personalized multiscreen advertising

CommScope’s complete portfolio of multiscreen advertising solutions brings service providers all the ad selection capabilities needed to deliver targeted advertising to key audience segments. Drive advertising revenue and improve effectiveness with our advanced solutions. Provide personalized, relevant advertising to your subscribers using criteria such as the content being viewed, time of day, geographical location and behavioral trends. Evolve your campaigns by using solution insights about campaign effectiveness.

Our experts know what it takes to build highly scalable, highly dependable advertising platforms—CommScope advertising systems deliver more than two billion ad insertions each year. Fast-forward to a personalized advertising future with CommScope.