Augmented reality: not just for Pokémon

Although augmented reality has been around for several years, 2018 is predicted to be a big year for new applications to make use of the technology. LeaAnn Carl gives us insight into how AR can bring a new perspective to communications infrastructure.

2018_AR_imageAR is augmented reality – adding data and information to your view of the real-world. Previously, AR was seen as an application for gamers and people wanting to have fun, like chasing a Pokémon. But businesses have found a way to use the technology to help with things like selling furniture or explaining an exhibit at a museum.

AR has been proven to increase efficiency and productivity while enhancing the real-world experience. And according to many sources, 2018 is expected to be a big year for AR.

Evening Standard (UK) – “Augmented reality is about to have its biggest year yet in 2018, with some major stars aligning in recent months.”

Virtual Reality Experiences – “2018 The Year That Big Business Will Adopt Augmented Reality”

With so many possibilities, the physical network in a building, data center or in the ground, is a logical place to make a business case. With the physical network, cabling and its attributes are for the most part hidden from view behind walls, overhead in the ceiling or under the ground. AR can bring it into sight.

CLICK TO TWEET: LeaAnn Carl explains how CommScope is working with customers to identify specific use cases for AR in the network.

CommScope recently collaborated with JoinPad to bring the data and infrastructure information from CommScope’s imVision intelligent infrastructure platform into view via AR. AR opens the door to allow you to “see” things like normally hidden cabling infrastructure and that new-found knowledge can improve efficiency and productivity.

The concept of AR has been around for at least 50 years. So why is it so hot now? For one thing, mobile devices are now powerful enough to handle AR. Glasses and goggles are getting lighter and more functional. The Internet of Things is spawning new ways to analyze and use data. There is a lot of data in the details behind the physical network. AR technology if evolving very rapidly to make this data usable.

Data is information and some say power and CommScope wants to unleash the power of the network. CommScope remains focused on innovating and building technology that solves communication problems. CommScope is working with customers to identify specific use cases for AR in the network. Leave me a comment if you would like to be included in our Voice of the Customer program or would like more information.