Automated Infrastructure Management for Buildings

Make smart, real-time decisions based on quality insight

As your building’s infrastructure grows larger and more complex, monitoring and managing it becomes more challenging. Keeping up with additions, upgrades and moves now requires more work than simple physical inspections and manual spreadsheet updates. Analyzing and diagnosing network problems can be a mammoth undertaking—but it doesn’t have to be.

imVision® is the automated infrastructure management system that provides a holistic view of your building’s network connectivity and Power over Ethernet links, all in real time. A key part of our complete portfolio of SYSTIMAX® structured cabling solutions, imVision shows you exactly where your assets are, what they’re doing, and how you can get more out of them. It maps all devices using twisted-pair cabling, including Wi-Fi access points, IP security cameras and high-definition audio and video equipment, and also manages Power over Ethernet links.

imVision delivers this business-critical insight through a simple web-based interface. It automatically tracks adds and changes, issues work orders, and documents your entire network. It even provides priceless root-cause analysis in the event of failure, helping restore services faster—and keeping your reputation strong. Total insight for total asset utilization—that’s how imVision and SYSTIMAX add value to your network.


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