Automated Infrastructure Management for Buildings

Realize your enterprise’s full potential with intelligent building software

As IP convergence and the internet of things (IoT) drive more devices onto the network, monitoring and managing your infrastructure becomes more challenging. A key part of our complete portfolio of SYSTIMAX® structured cabling solutions, imVision® automated infrastructure management (AIM) can help you make astute network decisions based on exactly what’s happening in the moment.

imVision is a smart building system that provides a holistic view of your building’s network connectivity and power over Ethernet (PoE) links in real time. In the case of a network failure, it frees you to solve your network problems instead of wasting time searching for them.

To help you maintain a more reliable network, this intelligent building solution automatically keeps up with additions, upgrades and moves so you can know just where your assets are and how they are connected. It can also reveal potential trouble spots and underutilized assets that could threaten your network and produces alarms for security breaches and unauthorized connections.

With imVision, you can maximize your network’s potential by streamlining your operations, reducing unplanned outages, and keeping your data secure.

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