High availability or not, that is the question

High availability is not just for industries such as finance, and not just a “nice to have” anymore. Sebastian Mediavilla shares why expectations from consumers and businesses are driving the requirement for more advanced infrastructure to support a demand for high quality of service.

2018_wifi_360x203We are all interested in becoming better connected. We do not care how. We just want to go to a hotel, airport or office and easily connect, allowing us to communicate, work or enjoy entertainment. How many of you have returned to a hotel where Wi-Fi is not working properly?

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This requirement of high availability and quality of service is no longer exclusive to financial transactions or personal data management. Nowadays it is required for all the services and applications that we use and it is a necessary condition for us to continue using them.

If this behavior is visible in the millennial generation and its predecessors, we can assure you that it deepens into Generation Z, as detailed in a global report sponsored by CommScope on the use of technology by Gen Z.

Just like in a data center, the choice of a data infrastructure is fundamental as technological changes are added increasingly fast and massive, spurred by new trends that are already seen in both offices and commercial buildings.

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With these infrastructure solutions, you don’t need to choose between high availability and connectivity. Because high availability and quality of service is in the best interest of all of us!