Plug-and-Play for FTTA: HELIAX FiberFeed Pendant

Looking for a better way to wire up cell sites? CommScope now offers a HELIAX FiberFeed Pendant solution that reduces complexity, saves tower space and accelerates deployments. Eric Leichter explains more in this video blog.

I have been supporting the Fiber-to-the-Antenna market for almost six years. It has been fun to watch how wireless networks are changing as more radios are placed on the top of towers. Besides requiring cutting-edge performance and high fiber counts to support LTE and eventually 5G, network operators also need infrastructure solutions they can implement quickly, upgrade easily, and that require little troubleshooting. That’s where the HELIAX FiberFeed Pendant solution from CommScope comes in to play. Pendant is a hybrid fiber and power cabling solution that incorporates a low-profile breakout terminal to reduce complexity, save tower space and accelerate deployments. Check out this video for more information, and leave me a comment with any questions.