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ALRUTZ_M_jpg (002) Mark Alrutz April 26, 2018

NG4_Access_ManIt’s Throwback Fiber Thursday – CommScope’s effort to re-post popular blogs from the last year that have to do with all things fiber. Do they still hold true? Do you see any changes? We’d love to have a conversation. Post your comments and questions below. This blog was originally posted on June 8, 2017.

We’ve all heard the three key elements in real estate value is location, location, location. It is fascinating how similar or identical structures, built with similar materials, can vary in value based simply on where the structures are placed. And why is one location more valuable or desirable? Some factors are convenience to desired resources, ease of access, limited availability or a combination of security and stability.

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Let’s take this same concept into the central office/headend, a location that has immense value. Clearly the headend and hub provide convenience to desired resources, and have limited space availability. Additionally, the demands for services and connectivity in this costly space continue to grow. How can you best provide flexibility for growth in this space-constrained environment?

CommScope’s NG4access Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) was designed to address these issues head-on in four ways:

1. Ease of access is provided through identical interfaces on the front and rear of the frame modules. Gone is the classic “panel on front, rats nest in back” design.

2. When it comes to convenience as a desired resource, flexibility is a primary strength. Are splitters or WDM required? Patching? Simple modules are available to provide any and every connectivity need, so mix and match what you need, anywhere in the frame.

3. Where space is limited or simply unavailable, the NG4 can replace multiple racks through optimized density, freeing up both rack space and valuable floor space for additional revenue-generating equipment.

4. Security and stability are provided through unique fiber management that minimizes opportunity to damage or disconnect unwittingly. Density is of little value without manageable access. You have a prime location, and it is worthy of attention.

Let us show you how you can enhance the value of your property even further with unmatched connectivity solutions.

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ALRUTZ_M_jpg (002)

Mark Alrutz

Mark Alrutz is the vice president of global service providers in the FAE organization for CommScope. He is responsible for technical solution sales, applications engineering, pre- and post-sales technical support, and customer training. Mr. Alrutz received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and master of science degree  in management from Georgia Tech. He has been an active SCTE member since 1996. He also participates on the SCTE Interface Practices Subcommittee and the Energy 2020 program. Mr. Alrutz holds numerous U.S. patents and has been published in several industry trade magazines.