CPR: the new EU Construction Product Regulation for cables

It’s all about safety and performance—and CommScope is ready for the new regulations

CPR Construction Product Regulation Portfolio hero shotCPR is the new European Union classification and labeling standard for permanently-installed IT, video and cables, classifying their fire performance, application, acidity rating, droplets rating and smoke rating. CPR also designates minimum performance levels for these standards in different installations and location types.

For all cables delivered to market on or after July 1, 2017, manufacturers are to include a Certificate of Performance that declares performance for each category. This information will also appear on cable jacketing, labels and boxes.

Because safety is always our top concern, CommScope supports this move toward a consistent, unified standard for cabling and other construction materials—and we are ready to deliver full compliance by the July 1, 2017 deadline.

CPR includes many interrelated standards, both mandatory and optional, and can be complex to understand. To help you know how CPR will affect your network, CommScope is glad to provide additional resources that explain CPR in greater detail.

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