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Innovative Powered Fiber Cable System (PFCS) provides cost efficiency for a Jade Communication’s project

Jade Communications Inc, a southeastern USA leader in cabling communications systems engineering, worked with CommScope to design an implementation of CommScope’s Powered Fiber Cable System for a golf course camera project. 36 high definition security cameras were to be installed on the golf course at distances up to 10,700 feet from the power source. Utilizing the Powered Fiber Cable System saved $142k USD on the overall bid, versus traditional means of powering/communicating with the cameras.

Jade had initially designed a system using traditional means of running long distance AC power and separate fiber optic cables to each of the 18 poles where cameras were desired to be installed. Two cameras would be installed on each pole. Materials including conduit, transformers and rectifiers at each pole, electrical protection, media conversion, etc. to connect the cameras came to a total cost of $616k USD. Adding in labor, including electrical contracting and trenching came to a total system cost of $981k USD.

Working with CommScope, Jade was able to redesign the proposed system by utilizing CommScope’s Powered Fiber Cable System. The Powered Fiber Cable System combines hybrid optical fiber and copper cabling plus electronics to provide a complete indoor/outdoor solution for both powering and communicating with HD Cameras, Wi-Fi AP’s, small cells, and other PoE devices. It allows extending PoE from the standard 100 meters up to distances of 3000 meters or more.

The total system including NEC Class II compliant power supply, Powered Fiber Cables, 36 PoE Extenders, labor and other materials including trenching, conduit, handholds, etc. came to a total system cost of $839k USD. Using this design Jade was able to save $142k USD, a 14.5% savings over the traditional method of powering and communicating with the cameras.

Company fast facts


  • Southeastern USA leader in cabling communications systems engineering
  • Lead golf course camera project of installing 36 high definition security cameras across golf course




  • Jade Communications needed a cost-effective option for implementing a power and communication system to install security cameras across the golf course.




  • Powered Fiber Cable System


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