Fiber Distribution Hub Solutions

More fiber capacity when and where you need it

The ever growing need for bandwidth inevitably leads to more fiber in your network, in both the central office and the outside plant. If you want to keep up with this growth you need flexible network elements that allow you to add capacity whenever and wherever it is required.

CommScope’s Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDH) offer a robust, technician-friendly and cost-effective solution for connecting feeder and distribution cables in FTTx and FTTH networks. Whether the network is point-to-point fiber, ring, or point-to-multipoint (with optical splitters), the FDH can handle the connectivity with ease and economy.

With more than 35 awarded and pending patents, the FDH 3000 series is the industry’s leader in innovation. From 12 households or 864, the FDH 3000 portfolio provides a solution that meets your needs both today and in the future. For space limited applications, the newly enhanced mini-FDH 3000 delivers higher number of connections with the versatility of preterminated breakout cables and fast installation in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Uniquely different than the traditional cabinets, the sealed FDH 4000 was specifically designed to address the urban fiber deployment challenges. Housed in a perfectly sealed, environmentally robust enclosure, the FDH 4000 can be installed below ground, offering a great solution to today’s increasing permitting challenges. 

They incorporate the four time-tested elements that have long impacted reliability, flexibility and operational costs within fiber access networks:

  • Fiber bend radius protection
  • Intuitive cable routing
  • Easy fiber/connector access
  • Physical protection
  • Supports value-added modules such as optical splitters, C/DWDM, monitor, and other functionality


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