High Density Fiber Management and Optical Distribution Frames

Optical distribution frames allow flexibility

Service providers today are driven by the need for high fiber density. As their FTTX networks expand, more cables, connections, and the frames to hold them are required. At the same time, central office and headend floor space is at a premium. Saving space by maximizing connector density at the optical distribution frame (ODF) can provide significant cost savings. And, of course, service providers require flexible ODFs that enable them to quickly respond to the changing needs of their customers. Our ODF range balances fiber connection density with circuit accessibility, helping providers speed installations while, at the same time, lowering deployment costs.

  • High-density connectivity and management: leads to reduced floor space usage
  • Easy cable and connector access: reduces install and maintenance times
  • Bend radius protection: ensures network performance and reliability
  • Cable routing paths: ensure technicians can easily locate and trace fibers
  • Value-added modules (VAMs): splitter, monitor, and C/DWDM modules can customize the ODF for specific applications beyond cross-connects

Whatever your needs, our industry-leading ODFs and racks are designed to fit a variety of fiber cabling applications. Each type is designed for superior cable management and ease of use.

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