ARRIS TG862G: Advancing Voice and Data Connections

Arris Team December 2, 2014

The modern household revolves around connection—whether it’s to the Web, on-demand TG862Gmovies, or friends and family around the world.

That’s why ARRIS continues to advance the technology that keeps you connected, like our brand new Touchstone Telephony Gateway TG862G.

The TG862G is approved with Comcast XFINITY® internet and voice service. It supports broadband, wireless routing, and two lines of carrier-grade telephony in a single device—using DOCSIS® 3.0, a 4-port Gigabit Router, two analog voice connections, and an 802.11n radio.

All this comes with built-in energy efficiency, low cost savings for consumers and is a  great addition to your home.

Find out more about our TG862G here and get it at Best Buy or Amazon now.

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