ARRIS @ The RDK Technical Summit

Arris Team August 5, 2014

The RDK Technical Summit: three days of technical training on RDK for 150 engineers. The goal: learn how to create the future of entertainment using the growing RDK ecosystem.

RDK (Reference Design Kit) is a software-based framework for creating new video and entertainment experiences on consumer premise equipment (CPE). ARRIS is one of its leading supporters. This year’s summit brought in representatives from SoC vendors, System Integrators, OEM vendors, and MSOs to learn about everything from porting RDK to different silicons to writing applications on RDK.

ARRIS was invited to share insights on RDK coding with student attendees. Our own Anton Avtamonov, Senior Manager, Software, Digital Video, and Nav Kannan, Systems Engineering, CPE presented on how to write HTML5 Applications in RDK. They used a case study to illustrate the various components of creating an entertainment environment, including basic controls and animations, playback on multiple formats, and CPE integration.

Thanks for Anton and Nav for providing leadership and education in our industry’s future formats and standards.

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