Part 2: ARRIS Moms – Inspiring the Future

Arris Team May 9, 2014
A few ARRIS moms featured in an interview below

A few ARRIS moms featured in an interview below


As part of our Mother’s Day celebration, we interviewed employees from around the world to give us a global perspective on what it means to be a working mom at ARRIS.

In this second half, we find out what advice inspired them along the way, and glean some words of wisdom for co-workers, friends, and the next generation…

What advice do you give your co-workers that could also benefit your children (and vice-versa)?

  • Leslie Miles: “Take a step back to make sure you are clear on what outcome you really want… then figure out how to get there.” When my boys get older, I think this will be a helpful skill for them to have —not letting emotion get in the way of the desired result.
  • Marina Ektova: “Try to learn something new every day.”
  • Nandini CS: “Have passion in what you do, work with honesty & commitment, do not hesitate to bring up your opinions, respect everyone & every job. Then, success will be waiting for you!
  • Hanna Ahlberg: “Try to do things not at the very last moment but a bit in advance. If the document deadline for a milestone is Monday, have it ready for review by EOB Friday. If homework is due Friday, do it Wednesday evening.”

 What’s the best advice you ever received from your mom and/or mentor?

  • Olga Korolyova: My mom has always taught me to “value what you have now and keep it.”
  • Leslie Miles: When I was younger, and had days (or weeks) when things weren’t going my way, my mom would often tell me “this too shall pass.” That has really stuck with me for my entire life and career, and has enabled me to keep situations — both personal and work-related — in perspective.
  • Marina Ektova: My mom always said: “There is no shame in not knowing; the shame lies in not finding out.”
  • Sweta Gupta:As my mom says, “Whatever you do, just do it well!”… Though she does also say “Just wait until your kid grows up, then you’ll understand”
  • Andrea Baker: Never assume others see the world the way you do – stop, look, listen and think……
  • Melanie Broxis: If you make a mistake be honest and true to yourself, admit it, correct it and move on!

Happy Mother’s Day to all who set an example for their children, colleagues, and friends. You are, in so many ways, inventing the future, every day.

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