ServAssure™ Wi-Fi: Now Available for Prime Time

Arris Team April 24, 2014

Service providers, rejoice. Customer service just got a lot easier...

Starting today, ServeAssure™ Wi-Fi Solutions is available to ARRIS customers around the world. The browser-based application provides automated and assisted home network monitoring, diagnosis, and troubleshooting—allowing technicians to resolve Wi-Fi issues in the complex connected home environment, quickly and efficiently.

That’s good news for providers, who are navigating an ecosystem of more than 500M connected devices in just the US alone. That’s nearly 6 devices per household, according to last year’s report from NPD. And the number continues to grow…

Our suite of integrated Assurance solutions provide a unified view into the end user’s network—combining visibility from the tech, CSR, and subscriber perspectives—to guide service installment and provide ongoing network management across this growing network of devices.

ServAssure WiFi Solutions addresses the underlying issues behind providers' most common customer complaints, including decreased download/upload speeds, channel interference, security settings, and more. By providing proactive support for these issues, the application lowers demand on call center and field service resources and keeps subscribers happy.

ARRIS ServAssure Wi-Fi Solutions complement the ARRIS ServAssure Edge Visibility and ARRIS ServAssure Performance Management solutions. Each is available as a separate application in the ARRIS Assurance portfolio, but can be integrated for a full-service approach to field service management.

Check us out the Cable Show's Imagine Park (Booth #1837), Wednesday @ 4:10 pm PT.

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