Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Digital TV

Arris Team June 1, 2015

Today is the 25th anniversary of Digital TV. It’s a day we all should celebrate because everything we like about TV—Netflix, TiVo, streaming video, 4K, and more—wouldn’t exist without the invention of digital TV.

Twenty-five years ago, a pioneering team of designers and engineers (in a group that’s now part of ARRIS) proposed the first all-digital TV system to the FCC’s Advisory Committee on Advanced Television Service. This proposal and invention gave way to modern TV.

Every time you stream a movie, record a show, pause live TV, or binge view an entire season’s worth of TV in a day—you’re enjoying the evolution of TV that was made possible by their invention.

Today, ARRIS is celebrating the 25th anniversary of digital TV at our offices in San Diego, where it was invented, with five members of the original design team. They’ll join us for an exciting panel that will review their impact on modern TV and explore its future.

We’re looking forward to hosting our esteemed guests: Dr. Jerry Heller, Dr. Woo Paik, Dr. Paul Moroney, Bob Rast, and Marc Tayer!

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