Allseen Alliance and OCF Merger will Benefit both Developers and Users

Arris Team October 10, 2016


by Charles Cheevers, CTO, CPE, ARRIS

In the world of IoT, there can be confusing options for protocols. Today’s announcement of the merger of OCF and the AllSeen Alliance marks a great leap forward in simplifying the options for both developers and consumers alike. With a single OCF solution that combines the best of IoTivity and AllJoyn – and the expert workforce behind them – there is now a rich open source option available for developers to build devices that will truly interoperate and work together.

This solution offers both a consistent and singular onboarding experience with the ability for developers to also add support of other relevant solutions – such as Thread, ZigBee and Bluetooth – through plug-ins. A rich feature set for both onboarding and security capability, coupled with a set of supported cloud protocols that range from residential, smart city and M2M industrial applications make the OCF option a compelling choice for developers and users. Now with the ability to create a single aggregation home hub point for connecting to the best-in-class smart devices, the home will be decluttered from multiple hubs for different proprietary solutions; this will provide a common application platform for the top-notch devices to continue to thrive.

The ARRIS IOT enabled TG346x class of Wireless AP and IoT Hub solutions will allow a single device to support both Wi-Fi®, 802.15.4 and BT devices using an IoTivity platform supporting Thread, ZigBee and BLE. This is the kind of simple and home-friendly ergonomic solution that users are looking for and can support through OCF/IoTivity platform onboarding multi-protocol device solutions – giving the user choice in end smart device through a single point of communication to the device and cloud.

Want to hear more? Join us at Broadband World Forum, next week in London when Ian Wheelock, ARRIS Engineering Fellow will present on “Leveraging current and future gateway devices to unify the disaggregated smart home dilemma” (Tuesday 18th October @ 16.45).

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