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juan-santiago Juan Santiago October 17, 2016
In partnership with Dell/EMC, Ruckus, now a Brocade company, will be showing its first live demo of OpenGTM at Dell EMC World this week.  OpenG is a solution that greatly improves in-building cellular coverage and capacity at a much lower cost than DAS or traditional small cells.  Because OpenG uses the newly-released US 3.5GHz CBRS coordinated shared radio spectrum, enterprises and venues can finally deploy a single in-building cellular solution to serve subscribers of all mobile operators.  To learn more about OpenG technology and why it’s the best approach to answer the indoor cellular coverage problem, visit  The Dell EMC World demo highlights the Quality-of-Service (QoS) advantages of the 3.5GHz CBRS spectrum versus the existing Unlicensed 2.4GHz ISM or 5GHz UNII spectrum, especially in crowded Wi-Fi environments like the Dell EMC World conference.  A high-quality video stream and a video conference call are shown simultaneously over wired Ethernet, Unlicensed and CBRS.  Whereas, Unlicensed degrades as traffic increases and more users tune in. CBRS uses a central coordination service to assign a clean channel base on the exact location of the base transmitter.  In addition, Ruckus OpenG small cells use LTE technology on the CBRS spectrum, resulting in truly cellular-like QoS, mobility and seamless roaming. The demo will also include different components from key industry players, including:
  • Dell - Servers, NFV software, laptops
  • Brocade - Virtual Enhanced Packet Core, Ruckus CBRS LTE access points
  • Qualcomm - CBRS LTE modems
  • Federated Wireless - CBRS spectrum allocation database service
Look for me and check out the live demo at the Emerging Client Technologies area of the Dell Customer Solution Center, Booth C6, at the Austin Convention Center, October 18-20.


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