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Wendy Wendy Stanton July 5, 2016
What happened to the days of pay phone booths where Superman used to change his clothes, manual cash registers with the comforting “brrrring!” and parking lots where employees collected cash instead of automated pay machines? Those days are long gone. Remember watching the cartoon, The Jetsons, and thinking how great it would be to live in that era? Guess what? We’re there! Technology is not just in our homes, but throughout our communities. Smart Cities are popping up all over the globe, which employ new technologies that integrate urban infrastructure with powerful data analytics.

Relying on digital technology, Ruckus Wireless enables cities to become smart to help improve the quality of its citizen’s lives. By deploying broadband wireless connectivity, cities will attract more businesses to the community, increase tourism, enable a host of new public services and support municipal operations. A great example of this is the town of Vail in Colorado. With 20,000 guests a day, accessing information such as maps and local amenities brings peace of mind to their guests.

Smart Cities start with a smart plan. Using Ruckus Wi-Fi as an overlay is a great way to get started. It supports the anchor tenants and applications that have immediate impact to the community. It also provides the infrastructure that future applications can build on and links through cellular and fiber connections to the world. Wi-Fi affects the entire community so why not provide the best? Smart City possibilities are virtually endless, and together with Ruckus and Brocade, a complete solution is achieved. Superman may no longer be able to save the day, but Ruckus certainly can!

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