Ruckus Sails Into Another Smart City

Wendy Wendy Stanton November 11, 2016
Imagine being out on the ocean with the wind at your back, smelling the salty air and feeling the mist of water on your face, as you hang over the edge watching the bow of the boat slice through the waves. Some of us can only imagine this type of exhilaration and others have made a lifetime hobby out of sailing. However, we can all appreciate a great competition and everyone loves to gather on such occasions. Located in Germany, Kiel is a traditional maritime and naval city famous for its sailing competitions and hosting the largest sailing event known as ‘Kieler Woche’ (Kiel Week). The festival takes place in June over the course of nine days, with more than 3 million guests attending. As is the case with any large event, cities need to prepare for the amount of visitors entering the area. So what do you think the city of Kiel’s main concern was for this event? You got it—fast and reliable Wi-Fi.

Nowadays, Wi-Fi isn’t just expected – it’s required, and Kiel Week was the perfect time to deploy a smart city Wi-Fi network. With the city of Kiel setting its sights on offering public Wi-Fi, they turned to Ruckus Wireless and partner ADDIX Internet Services to provide an innovative digital city experience to its citizens and visitors. Within two weeks, an elaborate network of Ruckus’ ZoneFlex access points enabled more than 50,000 users to simultaneously access the Internet via Wi-Fi throughout the entire event area. In order to attract as many visitors to use the wireless network during Kiel Week, an app called Walk & Explore Kiel was developed. The app allowed visitors to plan their tour of Kiel. Users were given recommendations and instructions on more than 2,000 events in real time, enabling them to follow collateral events via live stream. This bandwidth-hungry application would have made the regular cellular network collapse during Kiel Week and would thus not be usable without comprehensive WLAN. The City of Kiel’s use of Ruckus won’t stop there. They will continue to use the  WLAN solution by Ruckus Wireless in order to advance the project further and deliver reliable Wi-Fi for the other 51 weeks of the year. Read more about how the city of Kiel became a smart city and check out the video on Kiel Week.

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