‘First Class’ Wi-Fi Access on Campus

Richard-Nedwich-1 Richard Nedwich February 7, 2017
Have you ever booked travel and seen those magical six letters on your boarding pass: TSA Pre?  It’s like hitting the travel lottery – no need to stand in long lines, take out all your stuff for inspection (and then put it all away again), you just zip right through! All you have to do is check-in online and show up at the airport with your mobile boarding pass.  If you’re really lucky and traveling first class, you pre-board, scan your mobile pass (BEEP!) and off you go.Sit back and enjoy the ride! If only freshman move-in day on campus was as seamless of an experience!  Sadly, for many incoming and returning students, it’s like a congested airport with ‘Group 5’ stamped on your boarding pass – stand and wait for access or ask for help at the service desk.  Oh yeah, and pull out that laptop and let me inspect it before it's allowed onboard… you get the idea. Well, good news!  With Ruckus Cloudpath software, your students can pre-board all of their mobile devices remotely, securely, and quickly – even their headless devices.  With a university provided URL, students can use Cloudpath’s 24/7 self-service web portal, which takes just a few clicks and they’re done.  Each device receives a digital certificate (boarding pass) allowing them access on campus to your secure networks (wired and wireless). Students arrive on campus and instantly connect their devices and their applications, without IT Help Desk tickets, without the frustration of Wikis and FAQs, and no complaints on Twitter about the Wi-Fi. The best part?  By using certificates, you no longer require students to use passwords for network access, which means no more password-related Help Desk service tickets.  On average, campuses report that it will cut about 40% of service tickets and give back hours per week of IT time for better use. So, that’s a first class ticket to your network, with TSA-pre ease of onboarding AND it’s cheaper?  YES! Watch our Ruckus Cloudpath video on preboarding to learn more, or share with a friend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zBeO2C-wQo Learn more about Ruckus Cloudpath for higher education in our webinar-on-demand. Deep dive into Cloudpath by checking out our website. Enjoy the friendly skies! Picture1

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